Concentrating on Isme Azaam

A central tenet to spiritual growth in the Sarwari Qaderi Silsila is to concentrate on the name of Allah, or what is known in English as God’s mighty name, or in Arabic as, Isme Azaam.

This is the name which God the Most High uses to describe and to name Himself in the Quraan. This name is Allah.

The process is akin to meditation and it requires the seeker to visualise the word Allah, and as one breathes in Allah and then breathes out Hu. This breathing, results in a rhythmic and continuous “Allah-hu” being recited by the seeker. The seeker visualises the name Allah as becoming imprinted on his or her heart and in so doing attains closeness to God as a closeness and connection develops between the seeker and the Sought (Allah).

The Silsila is a path or a lifestyle under which one takes spiritual guidance from a Kaamil Sheikh in order to attain purification of the heart and closeness to Allah and Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wa salam).