Hazrat Faqir Abdul Hamid Sarwari Qaderi

Hazrat Faqir Abdul Hamid Sarwari Qaderi (Hazratsaab) is the head of the Sarwari Qaderi silsila. In South Africa, the Sarwari Qaderi silsila is under the stewardship of Faqir Sayed Ally Sarwari Qaderi, fondly known as Sheikh. Sheikh is Hazratsaab’s representative and khalifa for the region.

A silsila is a link of connections and spiritual training that goes from the person to their Sheikh in an unbroken chain of transmission of knowledge, spirituality, teachings of Divine Love and esoteric practices right back to Nabi Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Salam).

This is the chain of transmission of the Sarwari Qaderi Silsila:



Hazrat Faqir Abdul Hamid


“When you have found your Shaykh, you have to come to the complete meaning of your life.

After this meeting there can only be further unveilings and openings to one’s reality”

- Faaqir Sayed Ally Sarwari Qaderi -

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